Twitter's head of safety and content moderation has left the company

Ella Irwin replaced Yoel Roth when he vacated the same position in November.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Twitter has lost another head of trust and safety after Elon Musk purchased the company last year. According to Reuters, Ella Irwin, the website's top executive for content moderation has resigned. Fortune has also reported earlier that her company Slack account has already been deactivated. While Irwin has confirmed her resignation to both organizations, she didn't elaborate on the reason for her departure. The executive took over the role as head of trust and safety after Yoel Roth left the same position in November 2022, publicly walking back on his previous statement that Twitter would be safer under Musk.

Like Roth, Irwin seemed to be supportive of the Twitter owner — who sees himself as a "free speech absolutist" — and defended him from critics of his approach to content moderation. She said in the past that Musk gave her team the go-ahead to prioritize safety and not to worry about affecting user numbers. The Center for Countering Digital Hate recently reported that Twitter has been failing to properly and quickly address 99 percent of hate speech, including neo-Nazi, racist, homophobic and transphobic content, posted on the website by Twitter Blue users.

Although Irwin hasn't revealed why she left the company, her departure seemed to have taken place right after conservative publication The Daily Wire said Twitter canceled their deal to premiere its What is a Woman? film on the website. The outlet's co-founder said Twitter offered it the opportunity to "buy a package to host the movie on a dedicated event page and to promote the event to every Twitter user over the first 10 hours." However, the website reportedly withdrew its offer after reviewing a screener and told the outlet that it could no longer purchase the package. Twitter also apparently told the outlet that it will limit the reach of the film, as well as label it with "hateful conduct" due to "misgendering."

To note, Twitter's hateful conduct policy states that it considers "hateful imagery to be logos, symbols, or images whose purpose is to promote hostility and malice against others based on their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnicity/national origin." Anything "depicting hateful imagery is not permitted within live video, account bio, profile or header images."

As a response to The Daily Wire co-founder's post, Musk tweeted that the decision was a "mistake by many people at Twitter" and that the film was "definitely allowed." He added that not using someone's pronouns is "at most rude and certainly breaks no laws" and that he objects "to rude behavior, ostracism or threats of violence if the wrong pronoun or name is used."

In follow-up tweets, Musk said Twitter is updating its system so that The Daily Wire's followers will see the film in their feed. However, it will not be recommended or advertised to non-followers.

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