Uber Eats now lets you bundle orders from two places

And the service says you don't to pay additional delivery fees for it.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Uber Eats is making it easier to fulfill your cravings, even if they're impossible to get from a single store or restaurant. The food delivery service has introduced a multi-store ordering feature, which lets you purchase food from two different merchants at the same time without having to pay additional delivery fees. It could be the answer for when your taste buds are looking for Vietnamese pho and ice cream, or if you and your housemate couldn't decide on whether to get tacos or pizza.

Previously, Uber Eats could only ask if you want to bundle your order with items from convenience stores like 7-11 during the checkout process. The company said that after testing out that feature, it received feedback from consumers asking for the capability to build one order from two different merchants instead. To bundle two orders, start by adding items from one store's menu to your cart and then tapping "bundle another store" at the bottom of the screen. You can then add items from the second store's selection before you check out.

An Uber Eats spokesperson told us that the service will recommend nearby merchants whose orders can be conveniently bundled with the first place you choose, most likely so you can still get your food while it's still fresh and hot. It also won't limit the stores it recommends based on what kind of place they are, so you can add items from a second restaurant, a convenience store or even a merchant that sells liquor.