Uber Eats now shows users which of their personal details couriers can see

It's another under-the-hood look at the app, and one that could give you more piece of mind.

Piroschka Van De Wouw / reuters

The next time you order something from Uber Eats, you'll be able to find out what personal information of yours a courier can see at each stage of the delivery process. The View as Delivery Person feature follows a View as Driver function Uber added in 2020. Starting today, Uber Eats users in the US and Canada can access the information from the recent order page and in the app's privacy center (under the privacy menu on the account tab).

The delivery person will only know an approximate delivery location until they collect the order. Then they'll typically have access to your first name, initial of your last name and exact delivery location. Uber will provide them with your delivery instructions and notes too. After the order is completed, the courier will once again only see a general delivery location in their app.

Moreover, the feature will tell you what kinds of details couriers can't see, such as your phone number, payment details or driver rating. If you order products like alcohol or weed through Uber Eats, you need to prove you're of legal age by sharing a picture of your ID. Couriers can't see your ID details after they make the delivery, Uber says.

The idea is to provide users with more peace of mind and transparency, as Zach Singleton, Uber’s head of privacy and equity product, told The Verge. View as Driver was a popular privacy feature among users, according to Singleton, who noted that Uber receives thousands of support tickets from users who are concerned about how much personal information their driver or courier gets, as well as those eager to know more.

Safety is a critical concern for many Uber and Uber Eats users. Singleton added that women are “53 percent more likely to have a concern about the information that delivery people had when something uncomfortable has occurred.”