Uber is ditching the 'split fare' feature in April

But it's not gone forever.

Nisian Hughes via Getty Images

The Uber app will lose the "split fare" option in April as the company attempts to build a better system for sharing the cost of a ride. A replacement feature should roll out within the next few months, according to an Uber spokesperson.

Uber riders in the UK received an email this week alerting them of the shutdown, as spotted by Mashable. A spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that the feature is on its way out.

“We are in the process of reworking how riders split fares and the feature will be temporarily removed from the Uber app next month," they said. "We know this is a popular feature, so rest assured that we are planning to roll out a new, improved version in the coming months.”

This change eliminates the ability to split the cost of a ride within the Uber app itself, but it doesn't stop you from using Venmo, Cash App or other services to make things equal. The original email to UK Uber customers said the "split fare" feature would be discontinued on March 21st, but it's definitely sticking around until April, the company clarified.