Uber wants to make navigating the airport less of a nightmare

You'll even get directions inside the terminal.


Hailing a ride from the airport is often a headache — ask anyone who's navigated a maze-like terminal just to get to the pickup area. The journey may soon be less daunting, however. Uber is introducing a few updates that can streamline trips to and from airports. Most notably, you'll get walking directions for the pickup location, and ETAs for baggage claim. You can hustle if you need a ride quickly, or take your time collecting your bags.

Uber Reserve will also be more useful for scheduling your ground travel. The company now allows booking rides up to 90 days in advance instead of 30, making it easier to plan every step of your vacation. Reserve will also be available in many more North American cities (over 7,300), and New York City customers can book UberX, XL and Comfort rides in addition to Black and Black SUV. A Business Comfort tier, meanwhile, will provide a "unique" experience for work travellers.

The pickup directions are available at just over 30 airports around the world, including the NYC area's big three (JFK, LaGuardia and Newark) as well as hubs like Chicago O'Hare and Atlanta. More are due in the months ahead, Uber says. Walking ETAs will "soon" be available in over 400 airports. The Business Comfort option will be available sometime in the near future.

The motivation behind the upgrades is clear. Airport rides play a major role in Uber's business, and it's competing with Lyft, taxis and even car rental agencies. You may be more likely to use Uber if it can guide you every step of the way.

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