Ubisoft explains how Stadia users can get free PC copies of games

You’ll be able to stream them through GeForce Now or Luna.


After Google announced Stadia's shutdown earlier this year, Ubisoft said it would help users transfer their purchases to PC. We got more detail today, as the publisher says it will provide free PC versions of all Ubisoft games bought on Stadia. The publisher also has other perks to make the transition as smooth as possible for jilted users of Google's platform.

Anyone who bought Ubisoft games on Stadia should see the PC versions of those games appear in their Ubisoft Connect accounts at no extra cost. If your Stadia and Ubisoft accounts aren’t yet linked, connect them before Stadia shuts down on January 18th to get the PC games. Additionally, if you played Ubisoft games with cross-progression (complete list), you can pick up your progress on PC where you left off on Stadia.

Ubisoft notes any unspent virtual currency won’t transfer. Still, if you use it in Stadia before January 18th, the purchased items will move to PC (but only for games supporting cross-progression). Meanwhile, Stadia gamers who subscribed to Ubisoft+ Multi-Access (the company's plan that lets you play on multiple devices) will receive an email telling them how to sign up directly through the Ubisoft+ website. As a bonus, subscribers will also get a free month of Ubisoft+. The publisher notes that US residents can continue streaming Ubisoft+ games through Amazon Luna, and those living elsewhere will get a discount on Ubisoft+ Multi-Access for six months. Additionally, If you bought or subscribed to any Ubisoft content on Stadia, you'll receive one free month of GeForce Now Priority.

The perks are on top of Google's refunds for all game purchases, so Ubisoft's PC games are a no-charge consolation prize. Investing in a cloud-gaming platform requires customers to trust that their purchases won’t be all for naught if the platform fails, but at least Google and its partners are doing what they can to make it right.

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