Ubisoft's Rocksmith+ guitar-learning app is finally coming to iOS and Android on June 9th

The library now includes more than 6,000 songs you can practice with.


Ubisoft is bringing its guitar-learning app to mobile devices this week. Rocksmith+ will be available on iOS and Android on June 9th, nine months after the service landed on PC. The company previously said the mobile app would arrive last fall. Meanwhile, there's still no word on when the Xbox and PlayStation versions will be available.

Rocksmith+ is designed to help folks learn how to play the electric, acoustic or bass guitar. Features include note detection, real-time feedback and practice tools. There are now more than 6,000 songs in the library, with more being added each month.

You'll need a subscription to use Rocksmith+. It costs $15 for one month, $40 for three months and $100 for a year. There is a seven-day trial available, but you'll need to sign up for the annual plan and swiftly cancel if you don't want to keep using the app after the first week.

Ubisoft also offers a free guitar tuning app on iOS and Android. You can connect your instrument directly or use your mobile device's microphone to make sure you're in tune. The app has more than 30 presets, so it can help you try a variety of non-standard tunings.

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