Unicode 14.0 adds 37 new emoji, including 'melting face' and 'beans'

They'll make their way to your devices throughout 2021 and 2022.


Following a pandemic-related delay, the Unicode Consortium has finalized Unicode 14.0. In all, the update adds 838 characters to the text standard. Of those 838 characters, 37 represent new emoji that will make their way to your devices before the end of the year and throughout 2022. The selection includes all the emoji the Unicode Consortium included in its final candidate list back in July. That means characters like “beans,” “troll,” “mirror ball” and “melting face” made the cut.

Unicode 14.0 Emoji candidates

Notably, the finalized list also includes multiple skin tone variations of the handshake emoji. Due to some technical limitations, it was one of the few characters in previous releases you couldn’t modify to represent different skin shades. The Unicode Consortium and its volunteers spent the better part of two years working to fix that, and now they have.