United's new Boeing jets will offer Bluetooth audio with its in-flight entertainment

The first planes in the new fleet will start flying this summer.

United Airlines

United has announced that it’s adding 270 Boeing and Airbus planes to its fleet in a bid to reinvigorate domestic travel now that states have started lifting pandemic-related restrictions. And one of the best news for frequent flyers is that the new jets will feature seatback entertainment screens that come with Bluetooth connection. In addition, United will refurbish its old mainline jets with the new and upgraded in-flight entertainment until 2025.

Bluetooth audio is a much-requested addition to all in-flight entertainment systems that United has granted with the launch of its new interior. As The Verge notes, tech companies have been pushing a wireless lifestyle onto consumers by removing headphone jacks from their phones and launching truly wireless earbuds. Some may have already thrown their wired earphones away, or tucked them away in a drawer, forgotten until the next time they decide to do some spring cleaning.

Aviation writer Jason Rabinowitz has tweeted a video that gives us a look at the new seatback entertainment system with Bluetooth capabilities on a 737 MAX 8 plane. As you can see, all of the seats will have entertainment screens, which while great for passengers could also cause a bit of a headache. At full capacity, passengers may have trouble pairing their earphones as everyone tries to connect to Bluetooth at the same time.

Still, that’s a small problem for those waiting for the feature for a long time. Bluetooth audio is a fantastic addition to the new planes’ entertainment systems, and passengers will be able to get to try it soon. United will fly its first 737 MAX 8 jets with the new interior this summer, while its first 737 MAX 10 and Airbus jets will start flying in 2023.