Universal Audio launches two new premium microphones

They can emulate classic ribbon, condenser and dynamic studio mics.

Universal Audio

Universal Audio is known for its leading software emulation that mimics the quality of more expensive gear. After entering the modeling microphone space last year with the L22, the company is back with a pair of mics that, while fairly pricey, could appeal to serious bedroom producers.

The Sphere DLX is the higher-end model at $1,499. It emulates 38 classic ribbon, condenser, and dynamic studio mics — including models from Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Sony and others. (That’s up from the 34 models that last year’s LP22 emulated.) UA says the DLX can capture acoustic guitars and drum overheads in stereo with a single mic. In addition, it can “easily tame room coloration for cleaner, more professional recordings using IsoSphere presets tailored for bedroom studios and popular isolation filters.”

The Sphere LX is a smaller (and slightly cheaper) model supporting 20 ribbon, condenser and dynamic mic models. The $999 mic has dual gold-sputtered diaphragms and what UA describes as the lowest noise of any mic in its class.

A singer in a studio with her eyes closed singing into the UA Sphere LX microphone
Universal Audio

UA says both models let you “change the mic type, polar pattern and other characteristics, even after tracking with any interface, in any DAW.” Additionally, they have Apollo interface presets designed to help users attain professional-sounding audio quickly with near-zero latency. Each device ships with a carrying case, mic stand mount and cable (25 feet for the Sphere DLX and 10 feet for the LX). The DLX also includes a shock mount.

Both mics are now shipping worldwide. Although the new models will likely be too expensive for many burgeoning creators, the mics are still relatively affordable compared to the premium gear they emulate (some could cost upwards of $5,000). At the very least, they provide more options for experienced podcasters, streamers and musicians who want to upgrade their sound quality.