Indie hit 'Unpacking' comes to PS4 and PS5 this spring

Soothe your mind as you settle into your new home.

Witch Beam Games/Humble Games

The peaceful, zen-like puzzle gameplay of Unpacking (the real game, that is) will soon be available to the PlayStation crowd. As Polygon says, Witch Beam and Humble Games have announced that Unpacking will be available on PS4 and PS5 this spring. It's launching alongside physical releases from Limited Run Games for the PS4, PS5 and Switch versions.

The game is already available in digital form on Macs, Switch, Windows PCs and Xbox consoles.

Unpacking was considered one of the stand-out games of 2021 precisely because it served as an antidote to the chaos and noise of the real world (and, we'd add, many other video games). All you do is unpack items as you settle into a new home — and, ultimately, a new life. The audio and visuals are relaxing by themselves, but the mechanics also encourage patience and curiosity. Throw in a subtle, near-wordless approach to storytelling and you might return just to give yourself a break.