Fade, Valorant’s latest agent, is a shadowy recon specialist

She uses nightmares to reveal and immobilize her enemies.

Riot Games

Riot Games has just revealed the newest agent coming to its popular tactical shooter. Shown off during the finals of Valorant’s Masters Reykjavík tournament on Sunday, Fade is a shadowy bounty hunter that hails from Turkey. “I’ve seen your darkest fears,” she declares ominously in her agent trailer. “Mine would eat them alive.”

In designing Fade, Riot’s Nicholas Smith said the studio’s intent was to create a foil to Sova, previously the game’s only scouting-focused agent. “Fade brings recon to a personal level, more potent in a localized area,” Smith said. “Haunt,” one of her primary abilities, allows you to throw an orb that reveals the location of enemy agents caught in its line of sight. Fade also has an ability called Prowler that sends out a creature that seeks out enemy agents. If an enemy player is hit by the nightmare, they’re left temporarily nearsighted. Fade can also temporarily immobilize enemies with her Seize ability.

Fade will join Valorant’s roster with the release of Episode Four, Act Three, which Riot is expected to release next week.