'Valorant' will let players mute words they don't want to appear in text chat

It lets you keep players but filter any comments you don't want to hear.

Riot Games

If you'd rather not mute certain Valorant players even though they occasionally make sketchy comments in chat, a new update could solve the problem. The latest Valorant patch 4.01 is introducing a muted words list, letting you enter words or phrases "that you, personally, would not like to appear in-game," developer Riot Games announced.

Currently, you can only completely mute a player's text chat. The new feature could help you avoid using that nuclear option, allowing for a more bespoke experience. It'll also let you protect yourself based on your own tastes instead of relying on Riot's global watchlists.

Riot plans to use player muted word lists to "make the chat less toxic by comparing them across regions, and using the data we collect to improve our own detections of bad words." It noted, for instance, that its own filters could catch "Riot" but not necessarily "R1ot" or "R!ot."

Early last year, Valorant rolled out new behavior detection and penalty updates that included measures for chat-based offenses. The rules allowed mods a bit more leeway to give warnings and comms bans, or issue game and extended game bans if required. By contrast, the muted words list feature gives the player control, even if it's just to mute words or phrases you find annoying or repetitive.

Along with the muted words list, the latest patch boosts the price for the Ares weapon while changing some characteristics. Riot also tweaked Melee to make aiming more reliable, while fixing some bugs around weapons, esports features and performance. Patch 4.01 is now rolling out globally.