Vimeo's new AI-powered editing tools are designed for beginners

The tools include a text-based editor that can delete long pauses and filler words with one click.


Vimeo is one of the latest companies to launch AI-powered tools of its own, and as you'd expect, they're geared towards making it easier for creators to edit their videos. The video hosting platform says most people "lack the skills, time, or resources to effectively create and edit videos," and these features are meant to eliminate those barriers.

Perhaps the most useful of the three new AI tools is the text-based video editor that can automatically delete long pauses and parts of the video with filler words, such as "um" and "ah," with just a single click. Users will also be able to easily remove any part of the video they want by searching for certain words in the transcript that the tool generates and then clicking delete. If they want to create short clips for social media, they can search the transcript for a specific word, highlight and right-click on the word, sentence or paragraph, and then select "keep only this."

Vimeo has also launched a script generator that can conjure a full script based on a text prompt written by the user, the intended video length and the "tone" (such as confident, funny or casual) they choose. According to TechCrunch, it's powered by OpenAI's GPT technology, made into a part of the editing suite through its API. Finally, the company has introduced an on-screen teleprompter that can display scripts with the font size and the pacing the user sets. It could help creators stay on script while maintaining eye contact with the camera.

All three tools will be available in July as part of Vimeo's Standard and Pro subscription plans. While users can test them as part of those plans' seven-day trial period, they ultimately have to pay at least $20 a month (when billed annually) to be able to keep using them.

A screenshot of Vimeo's text-based video editor. On the left is is a text box and on the right is a video still of a man in blue polo. A table with a mug and colorful paper is in front of him.
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