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Vitamix blenders are up to 31 percent off right now

Pick up a few of our favorite blenders while they're deeply discounted.


Vitamix makes some of the most powerful blenders you can buy and right now many are on sale for the lowest prices we've seen this year. The E310 Explorian is the model we recommend for most people in our our guide to kitchen gadgets because it offers better performance than the base model Vitamix One, but is more reasonably priced than the top-of-the-line Ascent series. The E310 is down to $290, which is a 17 percent discount off the usual $350 list price. You can get the same deal at Amazon, Target and from the Vitamix site directly.

The blender we recommend in our guide to kitchen tech is on sale for the lowest price we've seen this year.
$290 at Amazon

The discount comes as part of a larger Mother's Day sale at Amazon and at Vitamix, but anyone who likes a morning smoothie, homemade nut butters or creamy soups can get in on these deals. The deepest discount goes to the 5200 model which is 31 percent off, or $380 instead of $550, but that deal is only live on Amazon. The 5200 is part of the Legacy series that Vitamix has continued to manufacture for more than ten years. It's robust enough to pulverize nuts and creates enough friction to heat soup simply by running it. (My personal favorite Vitamix recipe is roasted butternut squash soup.)

While they're not cheap, a Vitamix is a worthwhile investment if you want a powerful blender to expand your cooking repertoire — particularly when you can nab one on sale.

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