Vivaldi browser arrives on iPhones and iPads

It comes with desktop-style tabs and a built-in ad and tracker blocker.


The Vivaldi browser, which has been in beta testing for iOS devices over the past few months, is ready for a public release. Vivaldi for iPhones and iPads is now available for download from the App Store, bringing with it the features Android and desktop users have been enjoying for a while. One of the features that sets the browser apart from its peers on mobile is its desktop-style Tab Bar, which is enabled by default. It shows tabs lined up at the top of the interface, similar to how they're displayed on a computer.

Since mobile devices have smaller screens, though, the browser does come with a Tab Switcher that will show users a snapshot of all the open tabs. The active tab will be highlighted in the switcher with a border around its thumbnail, and users can close or choose other tabs from there. Vivaldi also has a built-in Notes feature, which can automatically save text users highlight on websites if they long press on it and choose the "Copy to note" option. And if a user wants to save pages to read later without clogging the Tab Bar, they can save them to the browser's Reading List instead.

Similar to other iterations of Vilvaldi, the browser for iOS has built in ad and tracker blocker. Users will have to enable the option under Privacy in Settings, where they can also customize it and manage blocking levels per website.