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Test your pee where you pee with this oversized toilet clip-on

Good luck getting your legs around Vivoo's system if you need to sit.
Vivoo's smart toilet clip-on device
Kris Holt
Kris Holt|@krisholt|January 3, 2023 2:05 PM

We often see a bunch of healthcare-oriented gadgets coming out of CES, but Vivoo's latest offering isn't exactly a fitness tracker. The company has unveiled a smart toilet device that can test your urine and send the results to your phone.

The tech is built into a device that can clip onto existing toilets. Vivoo, which has offered at-home urine tests for the last few years, designed the system with residential care, the elderly and healthcare service providers in mind. It could give those who simply want to know more about what's going on with their body some additional data. 

The device will automatically align a testing strip with a person's urine stream, according to Vivoo, which says this approach should reduce the risk of mess involved with a handheld strip. An optical reader akin to those used in hospitals analyzes the urine sample for four wellness parameters and delivers the results to the Vivoo app within 90 seconds. The company suggests that the results can offer "indications of certain deficiencies or abnormalities" and help with early detection of some conditions.

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Vivoo says its app can provide data on your body's water, magnesium, pH, protein and sodium levels, among others, though disclaimers on its website say these measurements are not intended for medical use. It offers nutrition advice based on the results and Vivoo may suggest personalized supplements.

The company claims it's easy to clean the smart toilet device. It adds that the system has an ergonomic design. However, based on images Vivoo provided, the device is positioned at the front of the toilet seat and it looks fairly cumbersome. Folks who need to sit to pee may find it difficult to position their legs around it, such as the elderly and those with mobility issues.

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Test your pee where you pee with this oversized toilet clip-on