Vizio's latest TVs add FreeSync, 120Hz 4K gaming support

Vizio's pricier P-Series and OLED TVs are ready for 4K gaming at 120Hz.

With new game consoles just around the corner and PC GPUs delivering high-res graphics at 120fps, Vizio is rolling out an update for 2021 SmartCast-enabled TVs with its ProGaming Engine tech built-in. While Vizio mentioned HDMI 2.1 support in V-Series and above TVs for this year, support for things like 120fps 4K input aren’t available on all of the models.

According to Vizio, this update improves black level performance, sharpens local dimming and improves brightness for both SDR and HDR content on its M-Series and P-Series LCD TVs. On the M-Series, it also adds support for AMD’s FreeSync variable refresh rate technology, which enables tear free, low-latency performance with 4K graphics at up to 60fps.

Vizio 2021 Gaming features

The P-Series and new OLED models have an IQ Ultra Processor inside, and support 4K, 120fps gameplay. On the OLED, Vizio notes improved judder reduction as a part of the update, but it doesn’t have FreeSync at all. Its P-Series TVs add all of those things, and support AMD FreeSync Premium, the tier it announced at CES in January that promises at least 120Hz sync’d performance at 1080p.

While Vizio doesn’t include NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology (LG’s 2020 OLEDs are the only ones we’ve seen that offer both G-Sync and FreeSync), the press release noted that on P-Series TVs, it should be able to easily enable VRR in use with NVIDIA’s new 30 Series RTX GPUs.