Vizio adds voice control and a new look for its M- and P-Series TVs

The stand is an easy fit for Vizio's new soundbars.


With Vizio's 2022 series of TVs, it's releasing an updated version of the SmartCast platform with a redesigned guide that helps you navigate the free, ad-supported content that is such a key part of its business model.

It's also launching Vizio Voice, which provides natural language search and control of the TV and its apps, whether you're using the accompanying Bluetooth-connected remote or the Vizio SmartCast Mobile app on your phone. As usual, SmartCast also includes streaming via Google Cast or Apple AirPlay 2, and Vizio says the latest version will be available on its 2021 and 2022 model TVs. The voice remote comes with new V-Series TVs and higher.

Other than their gaming features, one thing buyers of Vizio's higher-end sets may appreciate is a redesigned stand. The MQ7 TVs and P-Series Quantum sets in sizes 65-inch and larger now have the new base.

Vizio M-Series

Besides having a small footprint that makes it easier to place such a large TV in your living room (something I've complained about before) it's height adjustable and designed to fit the company's set of soundbars neatly underneath. That's usable whether you have the TV sitting on a stand or wall-mounted. Is it enough to make or break a buying decision? Probably not, but it's worth considering.

Two M-Series TVs are available now with the new Vizio Voice remote, while other models will roll out over the next couple of months.

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