VW's ID.7 electric sedan offers a WLTP range of 435 miles

The long-distance tourer comes to North America in 2024.


VW has finally revealed its ID.7 sedan in earnest, and it's clear long-distance driving is the main draw. The "upper mid-size" electric car combines a new, more powerful and efficient 210kW (282HP) motor with an optional 86kWh battery and a highly aerodynamic design (the drag coefficient is 0.23) to deliver a claimed 435 miles of range on the WLTP test cycle. We'd expect more conservative numbers from US regulators (WLTP tends to be 22 percent higher), but this might just rival some Mercedes EQS models at a lower price. It's certainly longer than the 275-mile EPA range of the ID.4.

This also represents VW's first significant shakeup of its interior design and technology since launching the ID line. The ID.7 includes an augmented reality heads-up display, a 15-inch infotainment display and interface changes like a new air conditioning system and customizable favorites buttons. You can use an "Ida" voice assistant to control a number of cabin features, such as a sunroof with smart glass. A 14-speaker Harman Kardon sound system and adaptive climate control seats (a first in a VW) also make this the brand's most luxurious EV to date.

As with the revamped ID.3, the ID.7 offers a number of driver aids. Travel Assist can use crowdsourced data to help navigation even on backroads, and performs highway lane changes. You can also have the car park itself, even if you're standing outside.

VW hasn't divulged pricing for the ID.7. It goes on sale in Europe and China in fall 2023, while North American buyers will have to wait until sometime in 2024. The EV may be a tough sell in North America, where crossovers and SUVs dominate. However, the range may help its chances. It's difficult to find this kind of endurance in any EV outside of higher-end luxury options. It may be worth choosing if you're determined to minimize charging stops during a long-distance jaunt and aren't concerned about trunk space.