Walmart may offer a cryptocurrency and NFTs

The retailer might not want to miss out on the latest trends.

Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Walmart apparently doesn't want to be left out of the crypto rush. CNBC has learned Walmart filed several trademark applications with the USPTO in late December for selling virtual goods, and in another filing said it would provide a cryptocurrency as well as NFTs. While the documents don't necessarily guarantee action, trademark attorney Josh Gerben told CNBC the trademarks were highly detailed — Walmart was clearly thinking about how it would tackle digital currencies and products.

In a statement, a Walmart spokesperson told Engadget the company was "continuously exploring" how new technologies might influence shopping, and that it "routinely" filed trademarks as part of that process. Don't expect the company to confirm or deny plans at this stage, in other words.

It wouldn't be strange for Walmart to dip into cryptocurrencies or NFTs. After Facebook changed its name to Meta and signaled its intention to foster metaverses, there has been a rush among major brands to enter the space with currencies, NFTs or both. Adidas, Nike, Gap and other well-known names have started selling NFTs and hinted at intentions to create virtual spaces. Walmart might not want to risk missing out if this trend lasts, even if it's not in a hurry to join early adopters.

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