Watch Tesla, Lucid and Porsche EVs duke it out in a drag race

Victory isn't just about raw power.


Now's your chance to see how three of the highest-end performance EVs fare in a straight-line brawl. DragTimes has followed its previous Lucid-versus-Tesla match (among others) with a three-way drag race between the Tesla Model S Plaid, Lucid Air Dream Edition and Porsche Taycan Turbo S. As you can see in the video below, horsepower only matters to a degree — and the outcome doesn't tell the whole story about any of these cars.

It might not surprise you to hear the Model S Plaid emerged triumphant. Tesla's premium sedan comfortably won all three races, pulling solidly ahead of the Lucid Air and even further ahead of the Taycan. The 1,111HP Air has the most horsepower of the bunch, but its heavier body (about 5,200lbs versus the Plaid's 4,828lbs) requires more effort to move. The Taycan didn't stand a chance — its 750HP output and roughly 5,300-pound weight were certain to put it behind the pack.

Power-to-weight ratios weren't everything, however. The Air's performance may be more impressive than it looks, as it doesn't have a launch mode. And, as many an enthusiast will point out, a drag race isn't the sole benchmark of a car's performance. It's no secret the Taycan is one of the better-handling EVs in its class, and it might be your pick if you're more likely to drive a twisty mountain road than a quarter-mile. This is just a reminder that no one upscale electric sedan can do everything well.