Watch the trailer for the second season of Apple TV+ series 'Foundation'

It premieres on July 14.

Apple TV+

Following a sneak peek and a teaser, Apple TV+ has finally released the official trailer for season two of Foundation — set 100 years ahead of season one's finale. The show, based on Isaac Asimov's book series, will introduce viewers to a second crisis: war with the Empire. Season two also follows the Cleons unraveling, "a vengeful Queen" plotting to destroy the Empire and the Foundation in its religious phase. As Dr. Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell) reveals in the trailer, it will bring "Despair, death, destruction. This is even bigger than the last crisis." Whatever happens will decide the fate of all humanity — no big deal.

The ten new episodes come almost two years after season one first premiered and keep some of the original cast, including Lee Pace and Jared Harris. Its new season debuts Friday, July 14, on Apple TV+, with new episodes premiering weekly. In the meantime, enjoy the official trailer and have solace in knowing that filming for season three is rumored to be already underway.

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