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WD's 1TB Xbox storage card is cheaper than ever

You'll need to act quickly if you want a drive.

Western Digital

This is a good moment to boost your console's storage. Amazon is selling the WD Black 1TB C50 expansion card for Xbox Series X/S at a new low price of $127.49, or about 15 percent off. This is a lightning deal, so you'll want to act quickly if you're interested.

WD's first Xbox storage card is down to its best price yet.

$127 at Amazon

Like Seagate's cards, the C50 expands your Xbox storage with a solid-state drive that's as quick as the one built into the system — necessary to play Series X and S games. While Microsoft supports USB drives, those can only be used to either archive games or play legacy Xbox One titles. You'll want a card like WD's if you tend to have numerous recent games on the go.

This is a proprietary expansion format, so you can't simply reuse the SSD in your computer or a rival console like the PlayStation 5. WD also doesn't offer a 2TB card like Seagate does, so you'll need to consider the competition if 1TB just isn't enough. At this price, though, WD's option is an easy choice if you're happy with the extra headroom.

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