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We found the best Kindle Prime Day deals with discounts across all models

The Kindle Paperwhite models hit all-time low prices on the last day of Amazon's October Prime Day.

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Now that we've hit the last day of Amazon's Prime Day in October, we're still seeing discounts on all models of Kindles — including our favorite budget ereader, the standard Kindle. Amazon's ereaders let you carry a whole library of books at once and make great gifts for book lovers for the holidays. During July’s Prime Day sale, many Kindles dropped to the lowest prices we’d seen, and while "Prime Big Deals Days" isn't hitting quite the same lows, most are within $5 or $10 of their all-time best prices. Amazon is also promoting a free trial on Kindle Unlimited for new members, which gives you access to a selection of around four million ebook titles. Here are the best Amazon Prime Day deals on Kindles we could find.

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Kindle (2022)

The standard Kindle is our favorite budget ereader and a great entry point to e-books. 

$75 at Amazon

If you’re on a budget (or looking for a relatively affordable gift) the standard Kindle is an excellent entry point to buying or borrowing ebooks and audiobooks. Usually $100, the October Prime sale has dropped it to $75, which is $10 more than it went for during July's Prime Day. We named this one the best budget option in our guide to ereaders. The latest model saw healthy improvements over the previous generation. You now get a crisper 300 ppi screen and the capacity is up to 16GB, which will come in handy if you want to keep audiobooks on your device.

Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite adds a few more bells and whistles to the standare Kindle like a waterproof build and a warm front light. 

$95 at Amazon

The Kindle Paperwhite gives you a few extra perks over the standard version, such as a bigger 6.8-inch screen, a warm front light and a waterproof build. Right now the 8GB model is down to $95 which is $5 more than it went for last Prime Day, but still $45 off the $140 MSRP. That's the price on the ad-supported version (which displays ads for Kindle books and services on your lock screen). If you want no ads on your device, you’ll pay around $20 more.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

The Paperwhite Signature edition adds wireless charging and an auto-adjusting light to the Paperwhites suite of features. 

$140 at Amazon

When Engadget’s Nathan Ingraham reviewed the Signature edition Kindle Paperwhite, he called it “the best ereader. Period.” For the sale it’s down to $140 instead of its standard $190. It went for $125 last Prime Day. You get the warm light, larger screen and waterproof build of the regular Paperwhite, but the capacity jumps to 32GB, it’s ad-free by default and the front lights automatically adjust according to the lighting around you.

Kindle Scribe

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

The Kindle Scribe lets you read ebooks and take notes with the included stylus pen. You can even write in the margins of certain Kindle titles. 

$340 at Amazon

The Kindle Scribe is Amazon’s newest ereader. It introduces the ability to read and write on your Kindle and comes with a large 10.2-inch screen and a stylus for just that purpose. The model with 16GB of storage and the Basic Pen typically goes for $340 but October Prime drops it to $265, or about $10 more than last Prime Day. We think the Scribe is the best E Ink tablet that’s also an ereader and awarded it an 85 in our review.

Kindle Essentials Bundles

A few different bundles are available that combine a Kindle with a cover and charging accessory. 

$194 at Amazon

A number of Essentials Bundles that combine Kindles with covers and charging accessories are on sale for October Prime. You can get a Kindle Paperwhite Signature edition with a fabric cover and wireless charging dock for $194, which is $64 less than buying the three separately at the MSRP.

Kindle Kids

The kids version of the Kindle throws in a colorful case and a year of membership to Amazon Kids+ with access to thousands of kid-friendly ebooks. 

$80 at Amazon

With the Kindle Kids edition, you get the standard Kindle with a colorful protective case, a two-year warranty, and a year of Amazon Kids+, which grants access to thousands of kid-appropriate titles and hundreds of audiobooks. The Kids edition also syncs up with a handy parent dashboard that lets you set time limits, add books and track your kid’s reading progress. It usually goes for $120, but now it’s $80 instead. That's $5 more than last Prime Day, but the lowest price we've seen outside of that sale.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids

The kids version of the Kindle Paperwhite comes with a cover, a warranty and a year of Amazon Kids+.

$110 at Amazon

For a kids version with a few more features, you can grab the Kindle Paperwhite Kids for $110, which typically goes for $160. In addition to the case, two-year warranty and free year of Amazon Kids+, the reader itself features a larger 6.8-inch screen, a waterproof build and a warm front light, which tends to be easier on the eyes when reading at night.

Kindle Unlimited

A no-cost trial of Amazon's ebook subscription service will auto-renew at $12 per month once the free period ends.  

$0 at Amazon

To ensure that you never run out of things to read on your new Kindle, Amazon is also offering Prime members a month of Kindle Unlimited for free. It’s usually $12 per month and will auto-renew once the trial is over (so set a reminder if you don't want that to happen). A subscription lets you read as many ebooks as you want from a selection of four million ebooks. Bigger new releases and some of the more popular bestsellers aren’t included. It also includes a few thousand audiobooks, which all models of Kindle support via Bluetooth and headphones.

Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis brings page-turn buttons to the experience, as well as a waterproof build and a warm light. 

$200 at Amazon

Kindle Oasis has a seven-inch screen, a waterproof build and is the only Amazon ereader with page turn buttons. Typically $250 for the 8GB model, it’s $200 right now. You can get the 32GB model for $220 instead of $280. It came out in mid-2019 so it’s not the newest reader on the scene, but the auto-rotating screen and handy buttons may make it more comfortable as you read.

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