Weber's connected pellet grills are $200 off for July 4th

SmokeFire models just became more affordable.

Billy Steele/Engadget

A backyard barbecue with the family may be as good as it gets for summer celebrations during a pandemic — thankfully, the tech for it is more affordable than before. Weber is selling its connected SmokeFire pellet grills for $200 off, dropping the EX4 to $799 and the larger EX6 for $999. Both deals last until July 13th. Those aren’t trivial prices, but they could be worth the outlay if you can’t imagine cooking inside in warm weather.

Buy SmokeFire EX4 from Weber - $799

Buy SmokeFire EX6 from Weber - $999

Both models are all-in-one grills that are excellent at preparing a wide range of meals, whether it’s baking a pie, searing a steak or smoking brisket. In our experience, they produced a wonderful flavor. The software lacked significant features at launch, but Weber turned things around with updates — they’re now much more capable grills with handy features like remote temperature adjustments. The differences between the two largely come down to size, with the EX4 offering 672 square inches of dual grilling space and the EX6 bumping that up to 1,008 square inches.

There are a few caveats no matter how much Weber improves the software. Cleanup isn’t as easy as it sounds, and pellet hopper cavitation remains a nuisance. If you can live with those issues, though, you’ll likely be happy with either grill.

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