WhatsApp now lets you use any emoji as a reaction

That bumps the possible options from six to over 3,500.


WhatsApp launched emoji reactions with six options just a few months ago, but it just boosted that number to the entire emoji lexicon. "We're rolling out the ability to use any emoji as a reaction on WhatsApp," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote, while declaring the 🏄‍♂️, 🍟, 👊 and 💯 as some of this favorites.

Emoji reactions are a nice way to keep communications succinct or quickly indicate to a message sender that you found their joke funny (or not), for example. To use any emoji as a reaction, long press on a message and tap the + button to the right to get a full list. Then, select the one you want and it should appear in the usual way under a message.

The update puts WhatsApp on par with Messenger in terms of emoji reactions, and works exactly the same way on mobile. Telegram recently unveiled expanded emoji and animated reactions as well, but you have to subscribe to its new $5/month premium service. The new WhatsApp feature is now live, but it may take a few days to arrive to your region.