Wikipedia editors vote to block cryptocurrency donations

But it's just a request the Wikimedia Foundation is currently reviewing.

Chinnapong via Getty Images

Wikipedia editors have voted in favor of dropping cryptocurrency from the Wikimedia Foundation's donation options. As Ars Technica reports, an editor for the online encyclopedia called GorillaWarfare wrote a proposal for the foundation to stop accepting cryptocurrencies, as they are "extremely risky investments." They also pointed out that cryptocurrencies may not align with the foundation's commitment to environmental sustainability.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding cryptocurrencies is that mining, spending and trading them use massive amounts of energy. That's the reason why Mozilla caught flak after it announced that it would start accepting crypto donations, prompting the organization to put its plans on hold. According to a Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, those processes use up 204.50 terawatt-hours of electricity per year, which is comparable to what's consumed by some countries, such as Thailand. Wikimedia accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether.

GorillaWarfare's proposal welcomed comments over three months starting in January. In all, 232 users voted in favor of the proposal, while 94 voted against. Those who argued in favor of cryptocurrency donations explained that they provide safer ways to donate and that fiat currencies have environmental issues of their own.

Even though the community voted in favor of blocking crypto donations, it's still just a request that the Wikimedia Foundation may or may not grant. A spokesperson from the foundation told Ars:

"We are aware of the community's request that the Foundation consider ending our acceptance of donations in cryptocurrency. Our Fundraising team is reviewing the request and related discussions and we will provide additional information once they complete that process."