Breast pump maker Willow now has an Apple Watch app

It may be a more convenient way to manage pumping sessions.


Willow, a company that makes smart breast pumps, is looking to make it easier for users to monitor and control their pumping sessions. The Willow 3.0, a wearable wireless pump, now has an Apple Watch companion app. As such, you won't necessarily need your phone to manage pumping sessions (though your iPhone will still need to be within 30 feet of both the pumps and your watch).

The app enables users to start and pause sessions, switch between stimulation and expression pump modes and adjust suction levels, all from their wrist. Your watch will also let you know when your last session ended, display your per-pump milk output in real-time and show the battery level of each pump.

More than half of Willow users "regularly use an Apple Watch and many want to control their pumps with their smartwatches," the company's CEO Laura Chambers said in a statement. Chambers added that Willow designed the app to give users more "ease and control" over pumping sessions. You'll need an Apple Watch Series 3 or above and at least watchOS 8 to use the Willow 3.0 app.

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