Willow smart breast pumps are $75 off right now at Amazon

Willow is matching the sale prices on their site with a promo code.


When you're a new parent, there's a lot of new gear to purchase from diapers and onesies to white noise machines and breast pumps. Willow is currently having a sale on its smart breast pumps, and pump packages that takes $75 off the price of its devices. The company's in-bra, wearable and wireless pumps are down to $425 for a two-pump setup at both Amazon and Willow's website (you'll need the code PUMPTOIT if you go through Willow). You can also make it a package and include either additional flanges in two sizes (21mm and 24mm) or add reusable containers for $475.

Buy Willow at Amazon - $425 Buy Willow bundle at Willow - $425

The two-pump package includes the pumps, two flanges, two cleaning brushes and 24 disposable four ounce milk bags. Extra flanges cost $30 for two on the Willow site and the reusable storage containers run $50 for a two-pack. The pumps connect to a smartphone app that can help breastfeeding parents keep track of how much they're collecting, and Willow's pumps feature a spill-proof technology that allows the wearer to move freely without fear of spillage.

We found the spill-proof feature particularly useful in our testing of Willow's pumps. We also liked the options to use either a disposable bag or a reusable container and the "flip-to-finish" feature that helps collect the last drops of milk. However, the Bluetooth connection was occasionally spotty, and the pumps are both fairly loud and pretty prominent when worn. That being said, it was well worth the snags to have the option to wear a pump around while caring for a baby instead of being tethered to a wall outlet with a traditional pump.

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