Withings' latest entry-level scale is the $100 Body Smart

An Eyes Closed mode can track your weight without it appearing on the screen.


Withings has rounded out its current lineup of smart scales with a new entry-level model. The Body Smart, which is available starting today for $100, replaces the Body+. It comes with a swathe of bells and whistles, including an Eyes Closed mode. With this enabled, Withings won't display your weight on the scale's color screen. Instead, the company's app will track your weight. Withings says that, with Eyes Closed switched on, you'll "see encouraging, motivating messages or daily information such as step counts, air quality and the weather" instead of numbers in pounds and ounces.

Other modes offered by Body Smart, which is compatible with the Withings+ subscription service, include one for athletes, one for pregnant people and another for babies. The scale supports up to eight users, so one should be enough for most households.

Withings says, as with its other models, Body Smart offers accurate and consistent weight measurements up to 50 grams. Along with weight and body composition analysis, the company says it can help you track metrics such as heart rate, visceral fat (a type of fat that surrounds internal organs) and metabolic age.

The device is able to monitor these factors thanks to multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. This sends an electrical signal through the body to measure the resistance and reactions of body tissues to the currents. "The more frequencies used, the more complete and accurate the picture of body health can be created," Withings says.

Along with the other advanced metrics, Withings claims that, for the first time, Body Smart will be able to measure your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which monitors how many calories one burns while resting. This can provide helpful information about your metabolic health and the scale will use it to determine your metabolic age, Withings says. The company will add these features in May.

Meanwhile, Withings has upgraded the mid-tier, $200 Body Comp scale with a color LCD screen. As for the high-end Body Scan option, Withings expects that to be available in the US in the coming months after gaining Food and Drug Administration clearance. The $400 smart scale, which is already available in Europe, features segmental body composition and a six-lead electrocardiogram with atrial fibrillation detection. Unlike the other two models, the Body Scan comes with a rechargeable battery.