iOS 16 brings big updates to the lock screen

There will be new widgets for your lock screen, a major revamp to notifications and more.


Ahead of its official release sometime later this fall Apple announced a number of exciting new features heading to iOS 16.

One of the most important changes in iOS 16 is a revamped lock screen, which features a wide range of customization options and layouts. There will be templates that let you choose different fonts and accent colors, in addition to support for widgets — all of which can be accessed without needing to unlock your phone. Additionally, there's also a new wallpaper feature that lets you select from a range of categories including dynamic wallpapers that change based on the time or even the weather.

The new lock screen in iOS 16 features a wide range of customization options for things like font and widgets.

Another big update is revamped notifications, which will now roll up from the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, the new Live Activities features is designed to help you keep track of current events and appointments like live game scores or an Uber ride.

iOS 16's Focus Mode is also getting an upgrade that works with the new lock screen, so you can use widgets or things like to-do lists to stay on top of your tasks. And when it comes to Messages, iOS 16 will let you to edit texts even after they've been sent, dictate messages or recall them entirely in case you sent something accidentally. And Apple is expanding Live Text to convert and translate things during videos. Alternatively, for those who want better voice input, iOS 16's Dictation feature will no longer replace your on-screen keyboard while you’re talking. This will let you manually type, move the cursor and more without needing to end your transcription.

The Messages app is getting an edit button in iOS 16

In the Wallet app, Apple is adding a Pay Later feature that lets you split purchases in Apple Pay into multiple installments without any late fees or interest. And in iCloud, Apple is adding support for a single shared photo library that can be accessed and contributed to by friends and family. There's also a new Safety Check feature to make it easier to call for help in potentially dangerous situations. And to help improve security, the Wallet app will soon be able to share saved IDs while only displaying necessary information, like a message that says "over 21" for people trying to purchase alcohol.

In the Mail app, Apple is also adding the ability to send scheduled emails. And similar to Gmail, Mail will also detect when you forget an important attachment. Meanwhile, thanks to improved search algorithms, it should be easier to find old emails and contacts than ever before. In Safari, Apple is adding shared Tab Groups that you can send to friends and family, while new passkeys add an extra layer of security for your passwords.

As for Apple Maps, today the company announced the ability to create routes with multiple stops in iOS 16, which has been a long-requested feature. Apple says up to 15 stops can be added to a single trip, both manually or hands-free via voice commands.

Sometime later this year, Apple CarPlay is getting a revamped UI with customizable menus and improved integration with the Music and Weather apps.

Sometime later this year, CarPlay is slated for a huge update with improved integration for things like music, a new UI than can be personalized for your driving needs and improved at-a-glance visibility for Weather, widgets and more.

Finally, for people who love Spatial Audio, iOS 16 is getting the ability to use the cameras on their iPhone to create a personalized audio profile for a unique listening experience. And for those with young children, the Family Sharing feature will make it easier to configure accounts with the proper security protections, screen time limits and parental controls.

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