X Blue subscribers can now hide their shame and checkmarks

The once-coveted blue badge will not show up on the profiles of members who choose to hide it.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

One of the main selling points for Twitter Blue — now "X Blue" — when the service was first launched was that anybody on the platform willing to pay for it can get the once-coveted blue checkmark. Over the past months, though, subscribers have been getting shamed for paying $8 a month or $84 a year for the service. Now as TechCrunch has noticed, the company has updated its support page for X Blue with a new feature for members: The ability to hide the verified checkmark on their account.

Under the "Profile customization" section in account settings, subscribers will now find a new "Hide your blue checkmark" option that they can tick. By activating the feature, the badge will no longer show up on their profiles and next to their usernames on posts. However, the company warned that it could still show up in some places and that some features may not be available to them while their checkmark is hidden. It didn't say which features will become inaccessible, but Twitter has rolled out a number of changes made specifically for paying users since Elon Musk took over.

It has increased paid users' post limit to 25,000 characters and is even working on new tools to publish long-form content. The website has also expanded their video limit to 3 hours. Meanwhile, the social network has become less and less attractive for free users. It announced in July that it will limit the number of DMs non-paying users can send in an effort to limit spam, and it previously put a strict cap on how many tweets a day a user can see due to "extreme levels of data scraping." While the restriction was temporary, unverified accounts were initially limited to 600 posts daily.

App developer Alessandro Paluzzi first spotted the capability to hide checkmarks in March. Based on the screenshots Paluzzi shared, the verification process will remain the same, with users being required to submit a government ID to authenticate their identities. It now simply won't be obvious at first glance that someone's paying for X Blue.