X is disabling Circles on October 31

Users will no longer be able to tweet to a small group of friends after that date.


X users will soon no longer be able to make posts viewable only to a smaller group of friends. The website formerly known as Twitter has announced that it's deprecating Circles on October 31st. Users won't be able to add people to their Circles anymore or create new posts limited to a tight-knit group. They will, however, retain the capability to remove people from the group if they no longer want certain accounts to be able to see their old limited posts.

In April this year, users discovered a bug that exposed Circle tweets to outsiders. Turns out their posts were exposed due to a security incident, which was only one of the technical issues the website faced since Elon Musk took over.

The company launched Circles in August 2022 after nearly four months of testing. Similar to Instagram's "close friends" feature, it gives users a way to share their thoughts with people they trust or people with the same interests without having to make it visible to the rest of the world. It's for those worried about getting harassed on the platform and those who don't want accounts that are fully public. X previously said that users with Circles posted more overall during its testing period, but it looks like the feature didn't quite get enough interest to become an indispensable part of the website.