Xbox Cloud Gaming gets a resolution boost on Steam Deck and ChromeOS

The game streaming service should run more smoothly on Linux too.


Folks who access Xbox Cloud Gaming through a browser on ChromeOS and Linux systems (including Steam Deck) will likely now have an improved experience. The game-streaming service should be available at a higher resolution on those platforms. It should run more smoothly as well.

As spotted by Windows Central, an Xbox employee who goes by CohenJordan wrote on Reddit that the update marks the end of a transition to a different type of streaming tech, though they didn't explain exactly what that entails. According to CohenJordan, the good news is that, if you use a browser to access Xbox Cloud Gaming on any device (such as iOS), you should have a more consistent experience.

Along with Linux and ChromeOS, Xbox Cloud Gaming (which is still in beta) works on Xbox consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers and some smart TVs. Microsoft and Meta are bringing it to Meta Quest 2 headsets as well.

Microsoft is eager for Steam Deck users to access Xbox Cloud Gaming. It hasn't released an Xbox app for the system (or Linux) as yet, but the company has published a guide that should help you set up the service on Steam Deck.

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