Xbox Cloud Gaming's next-gen upgrade begins rolling out

Some games now have upgraded graphics and faster loading times.


Microsoft leadership said earlier this month that it was transitioning Xbox Cloud Gaming to more powerful Xbox Series X hardware, and now it appears that some games are getting the upgrade. As spotted by The Verge, players now have the option of 120fps and updated graphics for titles like Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Rainbow Six Siege, while others like Dirt 5 are simply loading faster. For now, Microsoft isn't ready to confirm the change, telling the publication to expect news on datacenter upgrades soon.

The company launched the xCloud mobile game streaming service on Android in September using Xbox One S-based blade servers, but in the lead up to E3 said that it would move to Xbox Series hardware. Alongside improvements in load times, framerates and optimized games, the change was intended to support streaming on larger screen devices.

The company has big plans for cloud gaming in general. Just days ago, Microsoft hired Portal co-creator Kim Swift to lead its efforts to build games for the cloud. As part of its early E3 reveal, Microsoft also confirmed that it's building a game streaming stick. Like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna before it, the company is working to get Game Pass on to smart TVs, too.