The Xbox Family app gives parents a remote 'pause' button

The app also added a new feature to manage purchases.

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Karissa Bell
December 10, 2020 5:02 PM
New features in the app let parents pause their kid's gameplay.

Xbox is giving parents a couple new ways to monitor their children’s gaming. The company introduced a new feature that allows parents to pause their child’s gameplay directly from their phone. 

The new feature was added in an update to the Xbox Family Settings app. Xbox says the feature allows parents to temporarily block their kid’s screen time, even if they haven’t reached their daily limit. When in use, kids will see a message that “your screen time is up.”

Xbox is also adding a new feature to help parents manage their kids’ purchases. “Ask to buy,” which already exists on the console, is now part of the Family Settings app so parents can review potential purchases from their phone. 

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The Xbox Family app gives parents a remote 'pause' button