Xbox One test enables DTS:X spatial audio for headphones

Immerse yourself in game sound without annoying your household.

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Woman wearing headphones playing video games late at night
Kerkez via Getty Images

It took several months, but you can finally see what the fuss is about with DTS’ advanced headphone audio on Xbox One consoles — if you’re an early adopter. The latest Alpha Skip-Ahead test release (via Windows Central) for Xbox Insiders adds an option to install the DTS Sound Unbound app, and thus DTS:X for Headphones support. You’ll have to get a license to try Unbound (it’s thankfully free for the entire test flight period), but this should give you a taste of more immersive headphone audio, particularly in games with Spatial Sound support.

Alpha Skip-Ahead is a very early, invitation-only ring, so it may be some time before you can try this even if you’re an Xbox Insider. Don’t be surprised if there are glitches, too. If you’re part of that group and are willing to live with the quirks, though, this could give you more sophisticated sound without making others in your household share the experience.

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