Xbox Series X and S games will come to Xbox One through the cloud

You won't always need a new system to play the latest games.

Timothy J. Seppala/Engadget

Don't toss out your Xbox One just because newer consoles are here — you might just get to play cutting-edge titles. In the wake of Microsoft's E3 2021 showcase, the company's Will Tuttle quietly confirmed that Xbox One owners would get to play "many" Xbox Series X and S titles through Cloud Gaming. Tuttle didn't provide details, but did say the company was "looking forward" to shedding more light on how this will work.

Microsoft had hinted at this in the past. Xbox chief Phil Spencer mentioned in a Kotaku interview last October that game streaming could help "bridge generations" and let Xbox One users play the latest titles.

It wouldn't be a shocking move. Microsoft made a big push into game streaming at E3, with plans for streaming sticks and smart TV apps. The more players the company can get to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the more recurring revenue it gets — its bottom line won't be tied to the ups and downs of console hardware cycles. Series X games on the Xbox One could help Microsoft turn a tidy profit, even if you never buy a new console.