The 'XCOM 2' saga is now available on your iPhone or iPad

Take back Earth using the phone in your pocket.

Feral Interactive

You no longer have to fire up a console or PC if you want to relive XCOM 2’s fight against occupying extraterrestrials. Feral Interactive has released a $25 XCOM 2 Collection for iOS that includes the whole XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and its four DLC packs, with no in-app purchases to interfere with your quest to retake Earth. Feral has reworked the interface for touch input on your iPhone or iPad, but it’s otherwise poised to be the “complete” experience. Get ready to lose your squad after you whiff a can’t-miss shot, in other words.

Just be sure you have a reasonably modern device, as the requirements aren’t modest. You’ll need at least an iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus (not even the base models of either) if you’re playing on a phone, and the earliest iPad supported is the 2017-era iPad Pro — if you have any other iPad, it has to be from 2019 or later. You’ll also need 8.5GB of free space just to install the game, and you’ll ideally have 17GB free to prevent installation “issues.” This is a full, semi-recent PC game ported over to mobile, and it has the hardware demands to match.

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