Yahoo Mail app update makes it easier to manage receipts and track deliveries

It also has a free 'trial tracker' so you don't forget to cancel subscriptions.


Yahoo has launched its latest Mail app with a number of updates designed to help users track receipts, shipments, gift cards and "free trial" subscriptions that need to be cancelled by a certain date. A new design also aims to make navigation easier, with "top-of-inbox" contextual filters, one-tap unsubscribe, attachment organization and more.

If you're one to sign up for free trials, the free trial tracker could help. It puts reminders at the top of your inbox to let you know when a free trial ends, so you can decide whether to keep or cancel it without panicking about the date. It also offers updated package tracking alerts to inform where your package is or if it's ready to be picked up.

Another new view lets you see receipts of all your orders in one place, helping you track spend or easily make returns. And finally, the gift card view shows all your unused gift cards in one place, so you can use them before they expire.

Mail also get some new design features, particularly the updated top-of-inbox navigation that lets you toggle between inbox, attachments, starred and productivity reminders. It also now includes one-tap unsubscribe, group by sender and "email to myself" message you've sent as reminders. Finally, there's a new "attachments" filter that lets you display and filter all your attachments by type (PDFs, docs, photos) so you don't have to search every email.

While it doesn't get the attention of a Gmail or Outlook, Yahoo Mail is just behind those two services in popularity with around 225 million users as of 2020. The update is now rolling out to iOS and Android today, though it may take awhile to reach you