You can now move your Netflix profile to an existing account

That's one way to deal with the crackdown on password sharing.


All Netflix users can transfer a profile to an existing account starting today. That should make things a bit easier for users who are moving in with roommates or a partner and want to hang onto all their settings and recommendations while splitting the cost. The company told Engadget that this was a much-requested feature.

Since October, users have been able to set up a new account with their existing profile. That way, they're able to retain their viewing history, saved titles in My List, game save data and other settings when they move out of their parents' place or break up with an ex. But if you didn't have an existing account to move your profile to, you'd have to set up a new one.

Netflix initially offered the feature before it expanded its crackdown on password sharing. In February, the company began charging users in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain extra to let friends and family who don't live with them to keep using their account. The company expanded the account sharing charges to the US in May.

A third-party analysis suggested that account sign-ups spiked in the US shortly after Netflix started enforcing the policy in the country. We'll soon have a clearer sense of just how well the strategy is working for the company when it posts its quarterly earnings results next week.