YouTube now takes full advantage of Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip

You can watch hands-free.


If you splurged on a Galaxy Z Flip, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s now a better video viewing machine. Google is rolling out an updated YouTube app for Android that supports the foldable smartphone’s Flex mode. Prop up the Z Flip’s top half and you can watch clips hands-free, with comments and other features pushed to the bottom so they won’t interrupt your experience. Square and vertical videos will fill much of the screen, too.

Samsung is keen to stress hat the app was redesigned “from the operating system level” to make this happen, including a tie-in with the Android Support Library.

There’s no question that you’re still making some compromises by using Flex mode. Widescreen videos will still be tiny, and you won’t have much room to add comments when you’re only using half of the screen for typing and displaying text. Still, this could be quite helpful if you’d rather not hold your phone through the entirety of a lengthy video.

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