YouTube now supports HDR for live streams

Assuming you've got the right equipment, and can bring yourself to shoot in HDR.

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Today, YouTube is adding the ability to broadcast live streams in High Dynamic Range (HDR), enabling a better quality of live video. The platform says that anyone with existing hardware that supports the standard can start streaming HDRified footage right away. It’s also a big one in the eye of Twitch, which still does not support the standard, despite the ability to do so on both Sony and Microsoft’s current and next-generation consoles. 

Making HDR video in general can still be something of a pain, even despite the widespread support for the standard on paper. In a lengthy report this summer, Engadget’s Steve Dent explained how the major players have neglected “YouTubers and PC users” in their support for HDR video creators. Perhaps YouTube’s move is the first step towards making the production of a HDR-supported stream a lot easier and stress-free than it was even a few months ago. 

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YouTube now supports HDR for live streams