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YouTube Music’s 2022 Recap begins rolling out today

This year’s version adds seasonal recaps and Google Photos integration.

YouTube Music

’Tis the season for music apps’ “year in review” rewinds that let you relive the songs and artists you streamed from the past 12 months. Only a few hours after the revamped Apple Music Replay arrived, YouTube Music announced its 2022 Recap, which begins rolling out today for iOS and Android.

This is only the second year Alphabet’s music service has offered its personalized retrospective, and this time, you’ll find it in both YouTube Music and the main YouTube app. Unfortunately, it isn’t yet live on our devices, but once it’s fully available, you’ll find it by visiting the Recap landing page in YouTube Music or searching for “2022 recap” in YouTube.

Like last year’s edition, the 2022 Recap displays your most-streamed artists, songs, music videos and playlists. Additionally, this year’s version adds a few new stats. These include Top Trends (highlighting artists you listened to before most other people), Identity (assigning you a “music personality” based on your musical selections) and Hard-to-Find Content (noting YouTube-exclusive streams like remixes and live performances).

Like other companies' annual rewinds, YouTube Music uses a story-style format with cards you can tap through or share. You can share your personalized recap by tapping the arrow at the bottom of each story. Exclusive to the YouTube Music app, you’ll also find shareable cards showing your most-streamed songs from each season. And if you want to personalize it further, you can add a slideshow of Google Photos images from each corresponding season.

With Apple and YouTube’s music rewinds now available, Spotify Wrapped likely isn’t far behind. It typically launches in early December, so we could see that as early as this week.