YouTube gives Shorts creators the ability to remix most videos

Shorts are also coming to the web and the tablet app.


YouTube is giving Shorts creators access to a much larger toolkit. Creators will be able to clip and remix up to five seconds of any eligible video or Short in their own shorts. The feature should be available for everyone on iOS in the coming weeks, and it'll come to Android later this year.

The tool builds on an audio remixing option YouTube added last year. To remix a regular video, tap the Create button and then Cut from the remix options. You can then choose which part of the video that you want to use in your Short. If you'd like to remix someone else's short, tap the three-dot menu button, then select Cut.

Shorts that remix other videos will automatically include attribution for the original. Those who don't want their videos to be remixed can opt out in YouTube Studio.

Adding a video remix tool is a smart move. Remixing options played an important role in TikTok's success, while Instagram added a similar option in January. The feature will give current Shorts creators a much bigger palette and it might entice some newcomers to try making Shorts as well. Limiting the length of remix clips to five seconds might seem a little constricting, but inventive creators should still be able to make the most of it.

On top of that, it'll now be somewhat easier for Shorts creators to find an audience. Those videos will be available to view on the web and YouTube's tablet app in the coming weeks. Until now, they've only been viewable in the mobile app.