YouTube TV's multiview streams now include non-sports options

But viewers still have to choose from preselected streams.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

YouTube TV has expanded its multiview feature's scope so that even non-sports fans can enjoy it. When the service launched multiview, it could show up to four sports streams on the screen at once. But now users will be able to choose from streams with news, business news and weather content, in addition to sports streams. Viewers will still have to pick from preselected videos and can't choose whatever stream they want to watch in multiview, but at least they now have more choices and don't have to stick to having all four screens tuned into sporting events.

The service first rolled out multiview in March with a focus on sports, just in time for NCAA's March Madness. Multiview is supported on all smart TVs and media players that can run YouTube TV, because the processing is done on the service's servers. While viewers can keep an eye on all four streams at once, they can jump to a full-screen view for each one and switch the audio and the captioning to whatever event they want to focus on at the moment.

In addition to expanding multiview's repertoire, YouTube TV is also adding Spanish-language sports channels to the preselected stream options for members with a Spanish or Spanish Plus plan. Some members might not have access to the expanded multiview options yet, but they will soon enough — YouTube TV says it gradually roll out these updates to all users over the summer.