YouTube will let musicians and actors request takedowns of their deepfakes

The company is also rolling out clearer labels on content created using AI.


YouTube has announced new steps to combat AI misuse and misinformation that will roll out over the coming months. The new policies address transparency in videos made using AI and the rampant issue of deepfakes. YouTube is making it "possible to request the removal of AI-generated or other synthetic or altered content that simulates an identifiable individual, including their face or voice."

Individuals can submit calls for removal through YouTube's privacy request process, but the company will weigh the decision based on whether it's satire or if the person can be uniquely recognized — such as a public figure. Similarly, musicians or their representatives can also request the removal of any content using AI to mimic their voice. The policies come at a time when deepfakes are being widely pushed and shared, such as Civitai, which is encouraging sexualized recreations of influential women.

On top of streamlining removal, YouTube will also make sure any altered or synthetic content is labeled as such. Creators will see new options to disclose this information and, if they don't, could face post removal, a YouTube Partner Program suspension and other repercussions. YouTube claims it will connect with creators about using this new tool before it rolls out. On the viewer side, this will lead to a big banner in the description stating the content is "altered or synthetic," with the option to learn more. Regardless of proper labeling, YouTube might still take down AI-created videos if they contain purposely disturbing content.