YouTube will now let breastfeeding and twerking videos be monetized

However, a child must be present in breastfeeding videos.

Abraham Gonzalez Fernandez via Getty Images

YouTube videos that feature breastfeeding content can now earn money on the platform, so long as they meet a certain set of criteria. The website has updated its policy to allow monetization of breastfeeding videos that show the mother's areola, as well as those wherein the person in the video is demonstrating how to use a breast pump with nipples visible. Those videos, however, must include contextual reference to breastfeeding and must include a child in the scene. Otherwise, they still won't be able to earn money from ads.

Breastfeeding videos with exposed nipples previously couldn't earn money on the website. A spokesperson told TechCrunch that YouTube reconsidered after getting feedback on how helpful they are for those navigating that particular stage of parenthood.

In addition, YouTube has also changed its guidelines when it comes to what it calls "non-sexually graphic dancing." Creators can now earn money for videos with dance moves such as twerking and grinding, unless those videos were made to deliberately focus on the dancers' "extreme minimal clothing" or on their breasts, butt and genitalia. They also won't be earning any money if they use moves that mimic sexual acts, such as grabbing a partner's genitalia while dancing. Showing "fleeting minimal clothing" is fine, though, as well as "fleeting caresses of sexual body parts" and doing moves that mimic or simulate sexual acts in a professional setting, such as a dance studio. TechCrunch says the website is now reviewing existing content that could be eligible for monetization under the new rules and will switch on their ads if they'd actually adhered to its advertiser-friendly content guidelines.