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YouTube's NFL Sunday Ticket packages start at $249

You'll pay less for the 2023 season if you sign up during the presale.


YouTube has revealed the initial pricing for its first season of NFL Sunday Ticket packages. There are a range of pricing options that depend on when you make your purchase and if you have a YouTube TV plan.

A Sunday Ticket package will be cheaper if you're a YouTube TV subscriber. It will start at $249 for the base plan if you sign up during the presale, which ends on June 6th. This will cover out-of-market games for the season, though other games will still air on YouTube TV. Adding NFL RedZone takes the price up to $289 during the presale. If you miss out on the presale, you'll pay $349 for the base plan and $389 for a Sunday Ticket and RedZone bundle.

If you don't have YouTube TV (which now costs $73 per month), you'll need to add $100 to each of those prices. YouTube TV subscribers will also have the option to subscribe to only RedZone for $11 per month if they prefer. There's no option as yet to buy a package for an individual team or even a single game, but those options are said to be on the way.

Most of these options are more expensive than what DirecTV charged for NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2022 season before it lost the rights to the package. DirecTV's base Sunday Ticket plan cost $294 last year. Sunday Ticket was no longer viable for DirecTV, which was said to be losing $500 million a year on the package.

YouTube is believed to have beaten out Apple and other potential suitors for Sunday Ticket. According to reports, Google has a seven-year deal with the NFL and is paying $2 billion per annum for the right to sell the packages. Naturally, the company will be looking to make that money back through Sunday Ticket sales and YouTube TV subscriptions.

YouTube notes that fans will be able to watch Sunday Ticket games on the web, TVs, phones and tablets without the need for a satellite dish. It notes that Sunday Ticket subscribers will have access to features such as multiview streaming and the option to check out key plays. YouTube TV members will also have unlimited DVR storage, real-time stats, NFL Fantasy data and the ability to hide spoilers.